A Collective Song: Music to make hearts sing


Lina Karamali

Lina Karamali


When Lina Karamali, a Rebuilding Alliance intern, came up with the idea of creating a music center where children including those from the local elementary school could listen to and learn to play music, Al Aqaba responded wholeheartedly. Music education is not a norm in places like Al Aqaba, a village in the West Bank's Area C, but parents and teachers are eager to have a place where children can listen to and learn how to play music.



Al Aqaba is a small community bordered by Israeli Army training grounds. Bombing and target practice can be heard from the school and tanks practice nearby. Army bulldozers are demolishing homes near the village weekly. Living through dangerous circumstances, especially as a child, is very hard and many face anger and grief. For children who may be traumatized by their experiences, music is vital for healing but children and teenagers have had little access to music and need instruments.

Help support the music center in Al Aqaba, where learning, playing, and healing through music  help soothe trauma, provide an outlet for stress, and so build peace. Hosted by Al Aqaba's Ibn Rush'd Library and mentored by the Edward Said Conservatory of Music in Ramallah, third graders at Al Aqaba's elementary school receive instruments and a music teacher visits once a week to give lessons, and iTunes for the library. Al Aqaba's parents look forward to their children's concerts.


When people come together to play music to raise funds for this project and when the music center opens in Al Aqaba, the collective efforts will truly make hearts sing. In Al Aqaba, anyone can go to relax, listen to recordings, learn an instrument, and play in ensembles. Stress, grief, and trauma obstruct our ability to think clearly; by providing music to heal, reduce stress, and open a constructive outlet, we hope to benefit the children of Al Aqaba, rekindle hope and inspire peace.

Lina has played the violin for ten years and the flute for seven years.

Lina has played the violin for ten years and the flute for seven years.

On May 3rd, 2015, Lina held a benefit concert at her school. There were fifteen excellent performers at the concert, ranging from professionals to students. The concert was a success, and embodied what this music center will give the people of Al Aqaba. Lina also spoke at Santa Clara County's Annual Palestinian Day, and thanks to these events, grants, and individual donors, we have raised over $26,000 for this project as of now.  This is enough to begin tangibly creating the center in Al Aqaba, and we look forward to progressing on this project this summer.

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