At last! Rebuilding Alliance Opens the Birthing Center and Pre-natal clinic in Ein Al Beida!

At last, after seven years of planning, we opened the Birthing Center Wing at the Emergency Clinic of Ein Al Beida and also the Prenatal Clinic in Al Aqaba Village! Seven SF Bay area Rotary Clubs joined the Rotary Club of Nazareth and the Rotary Club of Ramallah to purchase and send 6 pallets of equipment. Assist International coordinated the equipment selection and the training program. Three Doctors who are also Professors at the University Hospital in Satiago Chile joined us as trainers: Dr. Mauro Parra, Dr. Hugo Salinas, and Dr. Nedeska Morales!



In the Jordan Valley, Palestinian women among the poorest of the poor, must travel far across checkpoints to receive pre-natal and maternity care. If a mother giving birth faces any complications or if her newborn baby is sick, there is no time for such an arduous trip. Area C is a high risk area too: nearly all Palestinian families are issued demolition or expulsion orders, with Israeli Army training and demolitions underway nearby. 


After seven years of hard work, on March 19th, 2014, Rebuilding Alliance successfully opened a birthing center in Ein al Beida village! Initially we planned to open the birthing center in Al-Aqaba village, but instead opened it in Ein al Beida- which is located far from the closet city of Tubas, on the other side of the Tayasir Israeli military check point.

Rebuilding Alliance called for the help of seven different Rotary Clubs and Assist International to provide training, staff, and the equipment needed to facilitate healthy prenatal care and allow for live births to happen at the small clinic.

Care at the clinic be given throughout the entire pregnancy and birthing process, assuring healthy futures for mothers and children throughout the region. This project will benefit the community because it will make obstetrical and neonatal medical care accessible to the over 50,000 Palestinians in the area.  Women of all faiths are welcome.


Rebuilding Alliance hosted three doctors, who are also professors at the Santiago University Hospital in Chile,  to join the team as trainers. Dr. Mauro Parra, Dr. Hugo Salinas, and Dr. Nedeska Morales, and made the journey all the way from Chile!  With the expertise of Assist International, we provided 6 pallets of equipment including an ultrasound, heart monitors and infant warmers. Dr. Jameel Daragmeh, Deputy Minister of Health in Tubas hired three female doctors who are ready to use the equipment.

During our visit, we were even able to witness the very first ultrasound take place at the new birthing center!

“It was touching and emotional to witness this process for the first time in my life and see the baby inside. It brought tears to my eyes watching his face, his little feet and his heart jumping. It was really jumping up and down and that was unbelievable.”
— Ayat Omran, Outreach and Communications Officer, witnessed the first ultrasound

Staffing Up for Round-the-Clock Care: 

Since babies are born at any hour of the day, a birthing center needs to be staffed with doctors and midwives 24/7. Initially, we assumed the Palestinian National Authority would provide the staffing. However, sanctions leading up to and following the U.N. vote for recognition of Palestinian statehood, meant that the Palestinian government is unable to pay its current staff and is in no position hire new staff. We have yet to overcome this obstacle; please donate and help us provide sufficient staffing.

what you can do to help

We have worked hard to open this much needed birthing center! Now, please help us to expand our project and provide sufficient staff, so that the birthing center can operate 24 hours a day. 

You can donate online and hear more of our journey through: