Advocacy for Gaza

Gaza is in the midst of a massive humanitarian crisis. The UN has stated that gaza will be uninhabitable by 2020.

The 10-year-long Israeli blockade and multiple devastating military offensives have crippled Gaza. Its residents are unable to build their damaged homes because construction materials are denied entry, agriculture is suffering, and 96% of the water is undrinkable. Recently, the sole power plant in Gaza shut down. Its fuel had been paid for by the Palestinian Authority, but due to a political struggle between the PA and Hamas, the de facto authority in Gaza, innocent civilians are made to pay. They had been living with only about four hours of electricity per day, but are now facing a total shutdown. 

Something must be done. For the past year, we have been sending solar-powered lights to our NGO partners in Gaza for distribution directly to families in need. Now, we're gearing up to engage constituents and rally U.S. Congress to speak up. 


Click here to download our Gaza Power Crisis Fact Sheet.