Border Crossings Stop Concrete From Entering Gaza and Prevent Reconstruction

Thank you to Tricia for providing this information: 

On Bank Ki-Moon's October 14th visit to Gaza, "he announced that Israel was permitting the first truckloads of construction materials to enter the coastal strip..."

Aug 26: Truce deal between Hamas and Israel

Oct 7: 60 trucks  (50 trucks of gravel and 10 of steel) ready to deliver construction materials through Kerem Shalom crossing but Israel holds them back (no reason given)

Oct 14:  Finally, 75 trucks are allowed into Gaza (first time any construction materials have been allowed to pass from Israel into Gaza since some trucks allowed in between Sept 22, 2013 and Oct 2013.  Before that there had been no construction materials allowed in since 2007.  Never mind the intervening destruction of Operation Cast Lead 2008-09 and Operation "Pillar of Defense" in 2012 among other Israeli offensives)

Oct. 15: Kerem Shalom closed because of Sukkot (Jewish holiday).

Oct 30:  A second batch of building supplies are allowed into Gaza; but only 26 trucks worth. 

Oct 31One rocket is fired from Gaza.  It’s only the second rocket fired since Aug 26 truce deal (the other was fired Sep. 16) and causes no injuries or damage.

This information was found buried in a Times of Israel article:

Nov. 2:  Israel closes Kerem Shalom (where all trucks go through) ostensibly because of 10/31 rocket AND closes Erez Crossing (where people cross).

Nov 3:  Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings still closed with no date for reopening.  Israel allows a small amount of petroleum products but blocks other goods and foodstuffs.  Israel notifies Red Cross that Monday’s weekly visit by Palestinian families to their relatives detained in Israeli jails would be cancelled as well since the Erez crossing is closed.