Don't Say We Did Not Know #427

Reposted from Amos Gvirtz on November 4, 2014

Don't say we didn’t know 427

The Bedouin village Umm El-Kheir, situated in the South Hebron hills, has suffered for years from policies of demolition and harassment from residents of the settlement Carmel. On Monday, 27th October, 2014, IDF and police forces arrived in the western part of the village and demolished four homes and two outhouses. Twenty people were made homeless. They went on to demolish a tabun (traditional outdoor oven, used for baking bread) - without a demolition order - that the settlers had demanded of the Court be demolished. Two days later, the soldiers returned and demolished the tabun, while it was being repaired.

For quite some time, we have been witnessing the phenomenon of arrest used as punishment - of both Bedouin and Palestinian Israeli citizens. This is neither for interrogation nor detention prior to imprisonment. The incarceration continues long after any interrogation has finished.  Lamentably, the courts authorize these policies.

During a home demolition in Wadi El Na'am, on 14th October, 2014, the police arrested five village residents (Re. Don't say #425).  They are still in custody.  Incidentally, those arrested in a demonstration near Hura, at the end of November 2013, are also still under house arrest.

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