Don't Say We Did Not Know #434

Reposted from Amos Gvirtz

According to the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality’s home demolition statistics, there were 859 Negev Bedouin homes demolished between July 2013 and June 1014!

78% were demolished by the owners under threat by the inspectors that if they didn’t demolish their homes themselves, the  State would demolish them, and the owners would have to pay the State’s demolition costs.

On Wednesday, government representatives escorted by police came to demolish homes in Bedouin localities in the Negev. In Tel Arad, north of Kseife, a large addition to a mosque was destroyed.  In A-Zarnug, north of the Beer Sheva – Dimona highway, they demolished two structures.  In Al-Ghara, west of Nevatim air force base, they demolished a structure, and in Laqiya, they demolished a structure.

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