Yasmin Jebara Speech and Harp Playing in the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

Yasmin (Ikhlas) Jebara from Salem village participated yesterday (Tuesday, April 21st)  in Tel-Aviv in the tenth Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony.

The ceremony was organized by the Combatants for Peace movement.

You can watch Yamsin's speech (Arabic with English and Hebrew sub-titles) and harp's  playing (accompanying a colleague harp player and singer Renana Neeman) in the following link: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/61377333, or watch the video below:

Yamsin's speech which begin in 21:48 of the broadcast is followed by Renana Neeman's ensemble playing  starting in 29:30.

The initiative of inviting Yasmin to this ceremony came from the musician Idan Toledano upon reading a newspaper interview with Yasmin made during the harp festival in Jaffa last December (check:  https://villagesgroup.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/yasmin-ikhlas-jebara-at-the-hatp-festival/)   

Special thanks should be given to Buma Inbar who initiated the tenth Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony in 2006. He also help in facilitating Yasmin's visit in Tel-Aviv along with her mother Muna an her sister Asala.

The entry of Yamisn's other sister as well as her brothers was denied by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Ehud, on behalf of the Villages Group