Inviting You: Contact Congress Conference Calls to Save Palestinian Villages

February 23, 2016

Dear Friend,

Something vital happened in Congress today: a delegation from the Palestinian Village of Wadi Foqin briefed Congressional staff about the dire situation facing their village due to Israel’s annexation of village land.  Other Palestinian villages are also enduring the annexation of their farmland to build illegal Israeli settlements.   What’s more, UN Humanitarian Coordinator Robert Piper is warning, “The number of [Palestinian home] demolitions for just the first six weeks of 2016 is greatly alarming.” (full statement + fact sheet). 

There is a way to safeguard Palestinian villages:   When constituents (YOU) ask your members of Congress to intervene, on your behalf, they do — and it works. 

Please Register Now to join a half-hour Contact Congress Briefing with your Senators and Representative’s staff

Last summer, Rebuilding Alliance held 52 teleconferences and in-person briefings with House and Senate staff with constituents joining the phone call with us. Together we helped Congressional staff understand the details.  We asked them to intervene to keep Susiya Village standing — and they did.   As a result, the Israeli Army entered into discussions with the Susiya villagers and promised not to demolish while discussions were underway.

Now, we must awaken Congress again:  On January 21st the Palestinian Village of Susiya was notified by the State of Israel that 40% of their village could be demolished at any time without notice, superceeding the Army's promise.  This time, let's reach more members of Congress.  Rebuilding Alliance is working to schedule 100 Contact Congress briefings to safeguard Susiya and many more Palestinian Villages. Here’s the schedule of the briefings we’ve held so far

When you register, our Contact Congress team will send an email to confirm your registration and provide a tentative agenda for the call.  We'll do our best to schedule the briefing for the week of March 14th.    As soon as your Congressional staff confirms, we’ll let you know and send you the dial-in number for the call.   We’ll also email you the briefing packet and keep you copied on our communications with your Congressional staff. 

Please join the call to press for Congressional intervention to keep Susiya, Umm al Kheir, and dozens of other Palestinian Villages standing — one by one, village by village, constituent by constituent, legislator by legislator, because frankly, that's what works.


Donna Baranski-Walker

Executive Director, Rebuilding Alliance

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