Rebuilding Alliance is a #ListenToKids Co-Host

In light of Universal Children’s Day, tomorrow from 9-10 AM Rebuilding Alliance is honored to announce that we will be co-hosting Globalgiving’s twitter chat #ListenToKids: Lessons from Children Around the World. 

We'll bring forward our work bringing Palestinian children to speak to Congress to present their vision of peace, in person in Washington DC. These young people have also been hosts for visits by Congressional Leadership Missions to Jerusalem and the West Bank, and by conference call with Gaza.

Join the conversation with the hashtag #ListenToKids to learn how kids around the world are stepping up to create positive change in their communities.

More about the Twitter event from GlobalGiving

At GlobalGiving, we believe that anyone, anywhere, at any time can have a good idea. Especially children! Listening to kids, elevating their voices, and giving them the tools they need to forge their own paths makes the future brighter for everyone. 

On Universal Children’s Day, join GlobalGiving, its nonprofit partners from all over the world, and co-hosts JAAGO FoundationRebuilding Alliance, and Keep The Dream196 to learn how kids are stepping up to create positive change in their communities.

The Twitter chat, called #ListenToKids: Lessons from Children Around the World, is on Nov. 20 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. ET. We’ll explore these questions:

1. Introduce yourself and your organization. How do you work with children in your corner of the world?
2. How does your community or country celebrate Universal Children’s Day?
3. What are the challenges for children in your community?
4. How does your organization listen to children and incorporate their feedback? How are children involved in the implementation of your programs?
5. What is the wisest piece of advice you ever got from a child?
6. What’s one thing everyone could do to improve the lives of children in their communities?
7. What progress for the rights or quality of life of children is your organization most proud of making?