Do you see what I see? Thousands of LittleSuns got through to Gaza!


What a relief! This past week in Gaza, 8,600 children, families, and the elderly began receiving Little Sun solar lights, delivered by Rebuilding Alliance's four NGO partners. They are truly Nur al-Amal — Lights of Hope.  None of this would have been possible without the help of thousand of wonderful donors — to all who gave, thank you!


With this shipment, Rebuilding Alliance has sent a total of 35,600 solar lights through the blockade to children and families in need in Gaza. To reach the children, Rebuilding Alliance works in partnership with four Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to identify the children in greatest need and deliver the solar lights to them at their home or school. 

This is not a government project — this is entirely crowdfunded through the generosity of thousands of people all around the world who care. There's even a matching grant that sends a second light for each one you give. 


We began this distribution in Rafah, Gaza on December 5th, starting at the El Amal Rehabilitation Society. The children in their school are deaf. Next our team went to the Women's Program Center — Rafah where children and moms had gathered to receive Little Sun solar lights. These lights charge in the sun for 7 hours, and can then run for 50 hours.

Everyone keeps asking how we send them through the blockade. Basically, the key is pre-clearance. These pallets shipped from Hamburg, Germany, through Israel's port of Ashdod, to our Palestinian Non-Governmental Org partners and we made a little film to show you: Click here to watchThe pre-clearance paperwork is harder to show. We apply well before the shipment moves. Approval by the Palestinian National Authority takes only a day while Israeli Customs' and Israeli Civil Administration approval takes months (— and a lot of phone calls).


Nearly half of Gaza's population are children under the age of 15 — that means there are 750,000 children in the Gaza Strip. Let's send each child a solar light of their own and press to open the blockade. 

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Our goal is to raise $40,000 to send the next 8000 solar lights as soon as possible.  Will you help?  

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There's got to be a way for all of us to connect with families there and work to open the blockade and restore jobs. We're asking families in Gaza to hold their Nur al-Amal lights up outside their homes on Wednesday nights and send their messages to the world on social media. In reply, place a light in your window (need not be solar) on Wednesday nights too.

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Give now, to send three and receive one as a gift, then   

SHINE your Nur al Amal (Light of Hope) — or put any safe light — in your window every Wednesday to show you care about families of Gaza;

SNAP a family pic with light in your window;

SHARE on social media to send your encouragement and greeting to families in Gaza, use #itstimeforlight, #nuralamal, FOLLOW @RebuildingAlliance and contact your elected officials to urge them to restore aid and lift the blockade;

SEND your post in a direct message on Facebook: “It’s Time for Light,” Instagram: “Rebuilding Alliance” and “like” on both!

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When we began this project, I hadn't realized that each light would bring light to each family's story, and show my team, and the world, what we otherwise might never see. I hope you'll support our work so that we can bring you these children's stories and together, find better ways to do more, and keep them safe, warm, fed, and healthy.

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After the wonderful morning in Rafah, we brought the film crew and our team of writers to Gaza City to distribute at night with the Youth Vision Society visiting families in the refugee camp called, Beach Camp. The next day, the ABCD, brought children from their community together to receive lights. 

Thank you again, for making this work possible. In this season of Light, may the way open to brighten the future of Gaza's children. 

Donna Baranski-Walker
Founder and Executive Director, Rebuilding Alliance 

P.S. If you wish to give to Rebuilding Alliance, to be used where needed most, please click our logo to give now, or put you check into the mail to our address below: 

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