Feed Gaza's Families

Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person without any reduction in his rewards.
— Tirmidhi

Ramadan Kareem!

Feed Gaza's Families

Please help deliver baskets of food so families in Gaza can break their fast in dignity during Ramadan. 

Gaza’s economy is on the verge of total collapse. Unemployment is sky-high, and many families are in dire need. With Mr. Trump's decision to slash U.S. funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency and other US aid, paired with the Palestinian Authority's decision to halt payment of salaries to civil employees in Gaza, many families are close to starvation.

Thanks to your donations, Rebuilding Alliance has already sent 27,000 Nur al-Amal (Light of Hope) solar lanterns through the blockade to Gaza’s children! Together with our Palestinian Non Governmental Organization (NGO) partners, we distributed the lights to families in need and saw how great their need really is. Donna, RA’s Executive Director, was granted a permit to enter Gaza and has visited twice in the past three months, "The need is overwhelming."

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We ask your help to feed 200 families. 

Please donate now.  Our NGO partners, the Women’s Program Center in Rafah-Gaza and the Youth Vision Society in Gaza Beach Camp, have identified families in dire need and sought bids to purchase food. They are buying in bulk, providing $50 worth of food to each family to provide nourishing Iftar dinners during Ramadan.

Your $50 gift buys a week of Iftar dinners:

Ramadan Food.jpg

Amount     Item name    

1.5 kg  bag of Sugar             

1 Liter  bottle of Oil                    

Package of 30 eggs

3 420g cans of Beans

1 450g jar of Jam

1 350g can Halaweh

2 500g cans White Cheese

3 250g cans Tomatoe sauce

1 box Bouillon Cubes

2 500g packets Macaroni

1 kg Ghee

3 kg Rice

1 kg Lentils

1 kg Beans

1 340g can Corned Beef

1 350g can Tahini

1 kg Salt

2 400g cans Chickpeas

1 kg Corned Ground Meat

The crisis in Gaza is desperate. 

If you live in the US, please email Congress now to urge your Senators and Representative to intervene on your behalf as their constituent, to prevent what will soon become starvation.