Deep breath! Court will hold hearing on Khan al Ahmar’s petition — advocacy needed now

Khan al Ahmar is standing and 174 children will start their school year on July 16th as scheduled. Yesterday, Thursday, July 12th, Israel's High Court of Justice responded to the petition filed by the village, providing notice to hold "a hearing, not later than August 15th."

The injunction against demolition is extended until their case is heard — but the lawyers for the Government of Israel are moving fast, pressing a hearing date soon because all is ready for demolition.

To all who took action, there is hope and the stakes are high:

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to update your members of Congress

and ask them to make two calls to assure Khan al Ahmar's safety.

A key component of the village's petition is focused recognition of the village's own master zoning plan — that's what Eid Jahalin, spokesperson for Khan al Ahmar, was talking about during our 29 meetings with House and Senate offices just before the July 4th recess. Today's Washington Post even mentions Rebuilding Alliance:
As Israeli bulldozers circle, a tiny village takes center stage in Palestinian struggle

In the videos of Khan al Ahmar’s non-violent demonstration on the Fourth of July, a young woman from the village, Sara Abu Dahuk, was beaten and arrested. She is accused of throwing stones but all videos and personal accounts show no one throwing stones.  The military court ordered Sara to be released with bail and remain under house arrest until her hearing. She is to stay in prison till Sunday to give the Israeli Army 72 hours to appeal against the release order - and her lawyer believes her case is strong because there is no evidence against her.

              Take moment now to email your members of Congress!

Some called back to tell us the State Department says they are using quiet diplomacy. We take heart that two US Consulate staff went to visit with Alon Cohen Lifshitz from Bimkom, earlier today.

Here's what some of the Congressional offices learned when they called the State Department: The State Department said they are using quiet diplomacy. When Congress calls, their inquiry raises the issue to a high level.

Now I ask your help with the next step: Guess what? Next Wednesday, July 18th, is the GlobalGiving Bonus Day. On that day, from 6am until 9pm Pacific, GlobalGiving will match all donations by 50%, up to $1000!

We will be raising money to bring Palestinian children, including one from Khan al Ahmar, to speak to Congress in September in honor of International Peace Day! This will be our fourth annual #ICareAboutPeace delegation of Palestinian children.

Here's the link for Bonus Day!

Thank you again for all that you are doing.