Thank you - and may I share my dream?

May I share my dream? At the request of the UN, here is the invitation to the people of Khan Al Ahmar to send a child and a parent to speak to Congress for International Peace Day.

#ICareAboutPeace: An invitation to send a parent and child to Washington DC

This will be Rebuilding Alliance's 4th annual #ICareAboutPeace briefing. As I said earlier, there's not much that moves Congress — the children do.  My dream is that all the schools in the whole UN system, in the PA, and beyond will join in making Pinwheels for Peace in solidarity with the five Palestinian children who will come to speak to Congress in September to present their visions of peace.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave in the Global Giving Bonus Day competition today, many thanks to all for your patience with my and my team's many messages, and many thanks to RA's team for their persistence and creativity! We raised $11,667 from 78 donors for the US Movement to Save Palestinian Villages.  Our program placed fourth in a field of 545 projects, and we came in 9th by by total donations. Four people became recurring donors (that really helps!) Altogether, there's just enough to move forward.

If you would like to give to make these dreams real, please make your check out to Rebuilding Alliance and mail it to:

Rebuilding Alliance
1818 Gilbreth Road Ste. 243
Burlingame CA 94010 USA

With gratitude,

Donna Baranski-Walker,
Founder and Executive Director

P.S. This is one of photographer Lior Misrahi's wonderful pictures of the children and village of #KhanAlAhmar, one of the villages we, and nearly the whole world, is working so hard to safeguard. Click here to email your members of Congress to press them to keep this and all Palestinian villages standing, and to welcome the Palestinian children who will be there as delegates in late September.