Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

Give a Little Light to Gaza's Children, with LOVE

A breakthrough!  We found a way to ship donations directly to Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Gaza — something no one knew about.

Rolling blackouts last 8-10 hours every day in Gaza.  I ask your help to send a first pallet of solar-powered Luci lights to the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, to be distributed to children in need and their families.  

Our goal is to raise 14K by Valentine’s Day, a day that memorializes a brave man who performed secret weddings after a Roman Emperor outlawed marriage to build his army — and extend Valentine's spirit of love and compassion to the children of Gaza.

“It’s not about a light recharged by solar energy.  It’s about hope, a small gift that brings a smile and reminds us there is a life to live and wishes for better future.  10 years of electricity shortages have dumbed our souls to only retreat and give up.   Your help, your light inspires us to know that Goodness still is alive in this world, still alive in your heart beat, giving us warmth to continue and believe in the chance for peace and a better life.” 
                    —  Ameer in Gaza City, with niece and nephews testing a Luci Light

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Last Friday, Feb. 5th, Rebuilding Alliance placed the down payment for the purchase of our first pallet of solar-powered Luci Lights for the children of Gaza.   With your help, we'll pay the remainder for this pallet, and put a down payment on the next. With your help, we'll ship by the end of this month, in time for students to use the Luci Lights to study for their finals.

You ask, 'Will they let it in?'  In preparation, Rebuilding Alliance is drawing on everything we've learned about shipping to Gaza to get this pallet, and the next two pallets, through: 
-  In December, we sent Luci Light samples to the Israeli Customs office - they saw no problem; 
-  Last week, the Palestinian Customs office gave their approval for the donation and forwarded forms to secure pre-clearance in Israel; 
-  To assure timely Customs approval, we’re asking our Senators, Representatives and the U.S. State Department to help today.  With their assistance, we've cleared our past shipments, every time.

When Gaza Community Mental Health Programme receives these lights, their staff will distribute them to children in therapy and to their siblings.

We have plenty of children who are engaged in our play therapy and counseling programs. We can just give them the solar lights at the end of their debriefings.  These usually take place just before the start of final exams.  This is my thought for now, and I know the teams here will come up with more ideas for sure.”  — Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Executive Director of GCMHP

Today, if you can, please send a Valentine's Day gift to Gaza's children in the name of someone you love. Please click here to Give a Little Light, with Love to Gaza’s Children.   


Donna Baranski-Walker
Founder and Executive Director, Rebuilding Alliance

P.S.  If you would prefer to send a check, please make it out to 'Rebuilding Alliance' and write 'with Love to Gaza's Children' in the memo line and mail it to:

          Rebuilding Alliance
          1818 Gilbreth Road, Suite 243
          Burlingame CA 94010 USA

P.P.S.  Questions?  Wanting to set-up your own giving page?   Please call us at 650 651-71565.  My team and I are happy to help.