The Hidden War in the Negev

No Israeli media outlet sends its reporters to cover this one-sided war. If a year ago we were astonished at the number of house demolitions among Bedouin citizens in the Negev (1,158 in 2016), in the last year it turns out that the number has doubled! The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz has reported that 2,220 Bedouin homes were demolished in 2017! This means that, in the Negev, the government of Israel is waging a unilateral war against its Bedouin citizens. It euphemistically calls the war "law enforcement."   

Don't Say We Didn't Know #442

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Don't Say We Didn't Know 442

One of the ways to rob Palestinians' lands is to apply Draconian interpretation to Ottoman land laws. The Ottoman law stipulates that land that has not been tended for several years becomes 'state land'.

Palestinians of the village of Al Shuyukh, north-east of Hebron, planted 300 fruit trees on their land. The Civil Administration required them to leave the grounds, claiming that the land had been declared 'state land' in the past.

On Wednesday, February 11, 2015, government agents escorted by police arrived at the Negev Bedouin village of Um Battin, near Tel Sheva, and demolished a structure. The next day they came to the village of Tel Al Malah near the Nevatim army base, and demolished a house.

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 אל תגידו לא ידענו

   אחת הדרכים לגזול קרקעות מידי פלסטינים היא פרשנות דרקונית לחוקי הקרקע העותומאניים. החוק העותומאני אומר שאדמה שלא עובדה במשך כמה שנים, עוברת לרשות המדינה.

   פלסטינים מהכפר אל שויוח, צפונית מזרחית לחברון, שתלו 300 עצי פרי על אדמתם. המנהל האזרחי באמצעות צוו דרש מהפלסטינים לעזוב את השטח, בטענה שהקרקע הוכרזה בעבר כאדמת מדינה.

   ביום רביעי 11.2.2015 הגיעו נציגי הממשלה מלווים בכוח משטרתי לכפר הבדואי בנגב אום בטין, ליד תל-שבע, והרסו מבנה. למחרת הם הגיעו לכפר תל אל מלח, ליד בסיס נבטים, והרסו בית. 

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Don't Say We Did Not Know #435

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On Monday, December 22, 2014, with the approval and coordination of the Israeli army, Palestinian farmers of the villages of Tukuah and Genta entered farmland that have been out of bounds for everyone. The security official of Nokdim settlement entered the area and assaulted the Palestinian farmers. Soldiers present did not prevent him from doing so. Later, the official tried to run over two village council chairmen with his vehicle.

Unlike the DCO officers on the ground, at DCO Headquarters anger was expressed at the conduct of the security official and the assaulted Palestinians were encouraged to lodge a complaint.

On Monday, December 22, 2014, government agents escorted by police arrived at the Bedouin village of Sa'wah, near Hura, and instructed seven residents to demolish their homes or else they would be demolished by the authorities. On the next day, all seven did as instructed.

On Thursday, December 25, 2014, government agents escorted by police arrived at the Bedouin village a-Za'arura, east of Road no. 80, and demolished three homes. 39 persons have remained homeless.

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