Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Rebuilding Alliance is always in need of volunteers. We could not achieve the work we do without the commitment of our local community to support our programming and events.

Volunteering takes many forms. Some examples include:

  • Selling fair trade Palestinian olive oil at fair trade events in the Bay Area
  • Sorting and packing clothing for our shipping containers to Syria and Gaza

If you are unable to volunteer your time, another great way to give back is to donate to our great projects. 

To lean more about volunteer opportunities, please fill out the following form:

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“I always talk about interning with the Rebuilding Alliance as one of my most important, challenging and formative work experiences, especially when I’m in interviews. You asked and expected big things of me right away, and I’m so grateful for that – coordinating a teleconference series, making phone calls to important peacekeepers, offering insights in team meetings, updating our internet presence. These are skills that I value so highly, and that I’m sure will be so important as I enter this industry [publishing] that is entirely new to me. I would also like to stay in touch with you and The Rebuilding Alliance and help in any way I can in the coming years, whether through donations or volunteering my time when I’m back in the Bay Area.”
— Mollie Traver, Rebuilding Alliance Intern Emeritus