Have you sent an email to your MoCs yet to keep Susiya standing?

We have two weeks. Today, the Government of Israel was scheduled to issue their official position regarding the Palestinian village of Susiya’s master plan, leaving it to Israel’s High Court to then decide whether the the village will be demolished or remain standing. 

However, this morning Susiya's lawyer learned that the State’s pronouncement will be delayed yet again, this time for two weeks — just when Congress heads home for Thanksgiving. Susiya needs our help now. This peaceful village has been through so much – forced relocation, demolitions and more. Still, they are standing up for their right to live on the land they own. 

This is the time when your members of Congress can make a difference! 
Click here to email them now
to ask their help to keep Susiya standing.

After you send your emails, we'll schedule calls with Congressional offices and invite you, as a constituent, to join our teleconference with your Congressional staff. Our Rebuilding Alliance team will explain the details of Susiya’s petition and ask Congress to make two calls on your behalf - one to the State Department and one to the Israeli Embassy - to prevent Susiya's demolition. 

In September, Rebuilding Alliance held a Congressional briefing, sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the Capitol Building. Aysar, age 15, traveled all the way from Susiya to address Congress:

“We want the American people to prevent demolition to Susiya,” said Aysar. “Support us to building and growing and live in peace. Let me imagine my future.” Click here to see Aysar’s speech.

After Aysar's visit with her staff, Rep. Anna Eshoo sent a letter, signed by 10 other Representatives, to Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, asking him to protect Susiya. Click here to read their letter.

Rep. Eshoo's letter also notes the danger facing the Palestinian Bedouin village of Khan al Ahmar. The Government of Israel issued their position on October 25th pressing for forcible removal of the villagers. The village's lawyer was given barely enough time to file an appeal – we are including a request for intervention in the email we ask you to send to Congress. Now is the time to show you care about Susiya and Khan al Ahmar. 

Please send your email to Congress now, and share this link with your friends.