A message from Donna Baranski-Walker, Executive Director of Rebuilding Alliance, Feb 8, 2015:
I’m writing to you from Rafah, Gaza where I am staying with the Nasrallah family in their wonderful home here in the Tel Al Sutan housing complex.   This is the family whom Rachel Corrie gave her life to protect, standing before the Israeli Army bulldozer that was heading towards their home.   There’s so much to tell about their neighborhood and family … but I’ll save that for my next message.
Right now, good news:   3888 children have received the backpack kits with schools supplies, children’s books, and a hand-written note inside.   These children live in Beit Lahiya, Sheja'iya, and Khan Younis, three of the hardest hit neighborhoods during Israel’s bombing of Gaza in 2014 Read more.

About Rebuilding Alliance

Rebuilding Alliance is dedicated to helping war-torn neighborhoods rebuild and promoting policy change to make them safe. We start by partnering with Israeli and Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to help Palestinian communities rebuild, and mobilize support in the United States to make sure our projects stay standing. 

We believe construction is the best response to destruction, that rebuilding projects ease trauma, build trust, strengthen peacemakers, advance law, and press officials forward in tangible ways.  Since 2003, Rebuilding Alliance has been amplifying the voices of peacemakers and their communities. Together we are becoming a significant voicefor village-centered rebuilding and human rights.  If this matters to you, please join us as a member and a donor.

Video release: Martin luther king jr. day - hope for syria

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Rebuilding Alliance - working with the Swasia Charity Foundation - invited people of all faiths and backgrounds to send-off a 40 ft. shipping container full of donated shoes, bedding, clothing, and toys to Syrian refugees sheltering in Lebanon. We gathered to quote MLK’s speeches, share lunch, and wish the container well on its journey.

The first Birthing Center and Prenatal clinics in the jordan valley open at last!

At last, after seven years of planning, we opened the Birthing Center Wing at the Emergency Clinic of Ein Al Beida and also the Prenatal Clinic in Al Aqaba Village! Seven SF Bay area Rotary Clubs joined the Rotary Club of Nazareth and the Rotary Club of Ramallah to purchase and send 6 pallets of equipment. Assist International coordinated the equipment selection and the training program. Three Doctors who are also Professors at the University Hospital in Satiago Chile joined us as trainers: Dr. Mauro Parra, Dr. Hugo Salinas, and Dr. Nedeska Morales!

Women wait with their children outside the recently installed birthing center in Ein al-Beida. 

...A pregnant woman came for check up. It was touching and emotional to witness this process for the first time of my life and see the baby inside. It brought tears to my eyes watching his face, his little feet and his heart jumping. It was really jumping up and down and that was unbelievable.This baby will come soon to life, probably at this new center.
— Ayat Omran, Communications and Outreach Coordinator at Rebuilding Alliance

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Al Aqaba Rural Womens CEnter

Will an all-green building to house the businesses of the Rural Women's Association help keep the bulldozers out of Al Aqaba? We think so! The local women are savvy leaders! They oversee a kindergarten, guesthouse, sewing co-op, and factories for cheese and tea. A Palestinian architect and Australian designers have plans in hand for a community hall, country kitchen and restaurant. Help build an environmentalist's dream space for Al Aqaba and the surrounding community to work and socialize. Learn More

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Backpack kits for Gaza's neediest children

When we asked for clothes and shoes for Gaza, thousands responded generously.  We worked tirelessly to get the first shipping container into Gaza, and now we ask your help to expand this grassroots effort to open the blockade of Gaza with compassion.  We want to send 3,888 backpacks with new school supplies to children in Gaza in time for school to start in the fall, and we need your help! 

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Amos Gvirtz on tour

Rebuilding Alliance is hosting Israeli peace activist and author Amos Gvirtz on a North American tour from April 3 - May 4.  Amos Gvirtz has developed an international audience with his Don’t Say We Did Not Know weekly emails about under-publicized incidents, events, and government actions affecting the Palestinian and Bedouin communities in Israel and Palestine. His book, Don’t Say We Did Not Know, deals with the moral questions Israelis must face today and why they don’t want to know about the crimes being committed in their name.