In Gaza, electricity is out for 20 hours each day, which makes even the simplest tasks impossible.

You can help by sending Nur al-Amal (Light of Hope) solar-powered lanterns through the blockade to children in Gaza so they can study and play safely when the power is out.


A just and enduring peace in Israel and Palestine founded upon equal rights, security, and opportunity for all


Rebuilding Alliance is dedicated to rebuilding war-torn communities
and bringing the world together to make them safe




Current Projects:

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It's Time for Light

In Gaza, electricity is still blacked out for 20 hours each day, which makes even the simplest of tasks impossible. Rebuilding Alliance partnered with four Palestinian Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to distribute lights directly to families in need. 

Stand with Susiya and Khan al Ahmar

Stand with Susiya and Khan al Ahmar

URGENT ACTION REQUESTED:   The Government of Israel issued its decision to the High Court of Israel: they will demolish 20% of the Palestinian village of Susiya on or aftr Dec. 6th, leaving dozens of residents (half of them children) homeless— and they plan to do this even before Israel's High Court hears Susiya's case.

Ask your Senators and Representative to intervene now.

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US Movement to Save Palestinian Villages

By asking Congress to call the State Department and the Israeli Embassy on their behalf (not lobbying for specific legislation), constituents are stopping Israel's demolition of Palestinian villages, one by one. Recently, as sad prelude to a future peace process, the Government of Israel warned entire Palestinian communities they will be demolished soon. Help Rebuilding Alliance expand to engage more constituents and hold more telecons and in-person briefings with Congress to prevent demolitions

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