The Global Giving & Gates Foundation matching grant has now ended.  What a remarkable competition! Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation.   Really cool that our work, including our Gaza project, received a total of $6,366 in matching grants from the Global Giving & Gates Foundations! All together we raised $22,000 for our projects so far!

Remember, it's still Giving Tuesday!  

If you missed out and would still like to give,  please click here or put a check in the mail to
Rebuilding Alliance, 1818 Gilbreth Road Ste 243, Burlingame CA 94010.

  • Your gift to the U.S. Movement to Save Palestinian Villages will be enable community map-a-thons across the U.S. to put Palestinian villages on Open Street Maps, Google and Apple Maps, and help constituents learn how to reach out to Congress to keep them standing. It is important to map these villages so that they are perceived as legitimate and permanent in today's online culture and to prevent the demolition of Palestinian communities by the Israeli Army.
  • Your gift to Brighten the Future of Gaza's Children will send our fourth shipment of solar-powered Luci Lights to Palestinian Non Governmental Organizations in Gaza who will give them to children and families in need.

You can also give to one of the following projects:


Mapping experts ask congress to urge Apple and Google to put Palestinian villages on their maps of the west bank

From November 14th to the 20th, Rebuilding Alliance, along with two mapping experts from the Israeli human rights group Bimkom and a distinguished artist from the West Bank Palestinian village of Um al Kheir, traveled to Washington, DC to meet with Congressional offices to discuss the absence of Palestinian villages from Apple and Google maps. We held two community map-a-thons at which we teamed up with local student and peace groups and used Open Street Maps to map Palestinian villages.


Here's how to ask Google, Waze, and Apple to put Palestinian Villages on Maps:


On October 13th, nine palestinian marathoners Ran from Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, ca to press them to add the hundreds of missing Palestinian villages to their maps — both companies responded by telling U.S. Government officials they are Now working to do this!


Heartened to HeaR: Luci Lights are being distributed!


Our third pallet of solar-powered Luci Light arrived in Rafah, Gaza in September! It was received by our Palestinian NGO partner there,  theWomen's Project Center of Rafah!  We are still continuously amazed by this breakthrough- the realization that we can ship donations directly to Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Gaza, something doable despite the blockade. Rolling blackouts now last 20 hours every day in Gaza making this project more important than ever before. In April, when delivered our first pallet of solar-powered Luci lights to the three NGO's, Executive Director Donna Baranski-Walker was there in Gaza, working with our NGO partners to help distribute to children in need and their families.  Read more.

Rebuilding Alliance

Rebuilding Alliance is dedicated to rebuilding war-torn communities and bringing the world together to make them safe. We start by partnering with Palestinian communities to help them rebuild, working with Palestinian and Israeli Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and mobilizing support in the United States to keep the communities standing.  We believe construction is the best response to destruction, that rebuilding projects ease trauma, build trust, strengthen peacemakers, advance law, and press officials forward in tangible ways.  Since 2003, Rebuilding Alliance has been amplifying the voices of peacemakers and their communities. Together we are becoming a significant voice for village-centered rebuilding and human rights.  If this matters to you, please join us as a member and a donor.


Al Aqaba Rural Womens CEnter

Will an all-green building to house the businesses of the Rural Women's Association help keep the bulldozers out of Al Aqaba? We think so! The local women are savvy leaders! They oversee a kindergarten, guesthouse, sewing co-op, and factories for cheese and tea. A Palestinian architect and Australian designers have plans in hand for a community hall, country kitchen and restaurant. Help build an environmentalist's dream space for Al Aqaba Village and the surrounding community to work and socialize.