Update: us movement to save palestinian villages

We need to be more creative and more effective than ever before if we're to stop the crisis of demolitions underway in Palestine’s West Bank, Area C.  Start by holding a vision of a future so inspiring that policy-makers will be moved to action: a vision of graceful homes, schools, women's centers, jobs, farmland, and safety.

We invite you to join in a series of conference calls and discussions, culminating in a Senate briefing on Palestinian Planning rights at the end of this month. Here’s how:

  1. Start by joining a new Rebuilding Alliance Forum designed to help you learn how to engage your Senator and Representative to recognize Palestinian planning rights and make the demolitions stop.  Congressional intervention is the one thing that works, and Congress only intervenes when Constituents ask.  To help you ask, Rebuilding Aliance is inviting villagers and human rights defenders from Palestine and Israel, to join you in the RA Forum, a safe space for discussion and mentoring.  Please click here to register.
  2. On May 23-27, Rebuilding Alliance is bringing UNHabitat senior planner Dr. Ahmad El-Atrash, from Ramallah to Washington DC to join us to walk the halls of Congress and explain the master planning process to House and Senate staff.   A Congressional Briefing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th, at 11am in Dirksen G11. Please call your Senators and Representative and ask them to attend. 

CALENDAR OF Visits in Washington DC

The calendar below shows the meetings schedule - keep checking in for updates.  If your elected representatives are not listed, please call them and ask them to meet with Rebuilding Alliance's delegation to discuss Palestinian Planning Rights.


About Rebuilding Alliance

Rebuilding Alliance is dedicated to helping war-torn neighborhoods rebuild and promote policy change to make them safe. We start by partnering with Israeli and Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to help Palestinian communities rebuild, and mobilize support in the United States to make sure our projects stay standing. 

We believe construction is the best response to destruction, that rebuilding projects ease trauma, build trust, strengthen peacemakers, advance law, and press officials forward in tangible ways.  Since 2003, Rebuilding Alliance has been amplifying the voices of peacemakers and their communities. Together we are becoming a significant voicefor village-centered rebuilding and human rights.  If this matters to you, please join us as a member and a donor.More News From Rebuilding Alliance:


Solar lights for gaza's children              

A message from Donna Baranski-Walker, Executive Director of Rebuilding Alliance, Feb 8, 2015:
A breakthrough!  We found a way to ship donations directly to Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Gaza — something no one knew about.  Rolling blackouts last 8-10 hours every day in Gaza.  We delivered a first pallet of solar-powered Luci lights to the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, and helped distribute to children in need and their families.  Read more.


Al Aqaba Rural Womens CEnter

Will an all-green building to house the businesses of the Rural Women's Association help keep the bulldozers out of Al Aqaba? We think so! The local women are savvy leaders! They oversee a kindergarten, guesthouse, sewing co-op, and factories for cheese and tea. A Palestinian architect and Australian designers have plans in hand for a community hall, country kitchen and restaurant. Help build an environmentalist's dream space for Al Aqaba and the surrounding community to work and socialize. Learn More