They're in!

ur shipment of 11,520 Nur al-amal solar lanterns arrived in Gaza on Friday, Aug. 18. They'll soon be distributed by our ngo partners to the children and families most in need.

The next shipment is set to arrive on Sunday, Aug. 20! 

#ItsTimeforLight   #NurAlAmal

The electricity crisis in Gaza has worsened, leaving families with under two hours of electricity per day. Due to the generosity of donors and multiple matching grants (our project won the GlobalGiving Renewable Energy Match!), Rebuilding Alliance is sending 23,040 solar lights to children and families in Gaza during this critical time of need. Our pre-cleared shipments will arrive in Gaza and be distributed by Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Gaza just before school starts.

Here is the “It’s Time for Light” campaign in a nutshell:

  • DONATE $40 (for groups) or $50 to send two inflatable Nur Al Amal (Light of Hope) solar lanterns to Gaza's families and receive one for your window (click here to donate)
  • SHINE your light in your window on Wednesday nights and on Thursday, September 21, International Peace Day
  • SNAP a picture of your family with your light in the window and SHARE on Instagram/Facebook / @rebuildingalliance / #itstimeforlight / #NurAlAmal
  • FOLLOW Rebuilding Alliance on social media
  • ADVOCATE for sustainable peace

We will soon launch “It's Time for Light” on our mobile app, Evincible, to help you contact Congress to make a difference. Our tech team is adding a photo-sharing feature so that we can include photo-sharing from Gaza and throughout the world as families share their light.

Visit the “It’s Time for Light” Facebook page by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Penni by calling (650) 651-7165 or emailing

Rebuilding to Remain in Palestine's Area C

Seeking to live on their own land, fifteen families are building houses with village-issued building permits in the Palestinian village of Al Aqaba in the West Bank's Area C. They invested their sweat and savings to build their homes and they are asking to borrow additional funds to finish so they can move in. Help fund Rebuilding to Remain to provide affordable loans to finish the homes. Repaid loans will be re-lent to other families to build homes and hope despite the challenges of occupation.

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Race of Recognition Dinner

April 23rd, 2017

Google Maps has finally added 236 previously-omitted Palestinian villages to its maps of the West Bank. To celebrate, we hosted a dinner and award ceremony to present Rebuilding Alliance's Peacemaker Award to those whose hard work and dedication made this possible. In addition to Right to Movement - Palestine (accepted by co-founder George Zeidan), Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights, and the Geospatial Information Systems Department at the Palestine Ministry of Local Governments, the Peacemaker Award was presented to Rep. Anna Eshoo, who has been tireless in the pursuit of justice. Watch part of her acceptance speech below. 

“To do something big — to think globally and act globally — one starts with something small and one starts where it counts.”   

– Oxford Prof. Nabeel Hamdi

Rebuilding Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding war-torn communities and bringing the world together to make them safe.