Emboldened by our President, Israeli settlers are pressing for fast track demolition of the entire Palestinian village of Khan Al Ahmar, including their school with 172 students, mosque, medical clinic, and all their homes. Demolition will happen as soon as Thursday.   The children need your help.   Here's how:

1.   Send an effective email to Congress Now


2. Follow-up by calling your members of Congress

Ask to speak to their Senior Staff for Foreign Policy
to confirm that they've received your email


3.  Join a Stay Human Conference Call
on Wednesday, March 1st

11am Pacific / Noon Mtn / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 9pm Jerusalem time
We're using the Rebuilding Alliance Forum to see and hear from Mr. Eid Abu Khamis, community leader in Khan al Ahmar, directly from his home.  A distinguished rabbi from Rabbis for Human Rights who has been working with the Jahalin Bedouin community for many years will also join the teleconference.

Here’s what happened:  

  • Last Sunday, Feb 19th, the Israeli Army surrounded the West Bank Palestinian Bedouin village of Khan Al Ahmar, going house to house to issue stop-work orders against all 146 structures with notice of demolition set for Thursday Feb 23rd. Recognizing the new stop-work orders as an end run to bypass the High Court, Attorney Shlomo Lecker, the distinguished lawyer for Khan Al Ahmar, immediately sought — and received — a letter from the High Court stating that no demolition orders could be issued before Thursday, March 2nd. Human rights advocates from groups including B’tselem, Rabbis for Human Rights, Jahalin Solidarity, Bimkom, and Ir Amim were onsite immediately to help sound the alarm.  Read More

Good News:  A Google Car in Ramallah seen on Friday, Feb. 24th!

We've worked so hard to get Google and Apple to put hundreds of Palestinian villages on their maps - this was a welcome sight!   Read More

We've worked so hard to get Google and Apple to put hundreds of Palestinian villages on their maps - this was a welcome sight!   Read More

Heartened to HeaR: Luci Lights are being distributed!


Our third pallet of solar-powered Luci Light arrived in Rafah, Gaza in September! It was received by our Palestinian NGO partner there,  theWomen's Project Center of Rafah!  We are still continuously amazed by this breakthrough- the realization that we can ship donations directly to Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Gaza, something doable despite the blockade. Rolling blackouts now last 20 hours every day in Gaza making this project more important than ever before. In April, when delivered our first pallet of solar-powered Luci lights to the three NGO's, Executive Director Donna Baranski-Walker was there in Gaza, working with our NGO partners to help distribute to children in need and their families.  Read more.