Congressional Accompaniment Tour 2018

In late March, during the Congressional recess, Rebuilding Alliance will be hosting a tour of Palestine for several Congressional staffers and constituents from their district or state.

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to invite your House and Senate offices to join a Congressional Accompaniment Tour

This will be a one week fact-finding tour during the Congressional recess, March 25th – March 31st, and as such, each staffer who joins us will need approval from their House or Senate Ethics Committee office. Approval takes 30 days, so their offices must decide on which staff to send and complete their request to their Ethics Committee no later than Feb. 25th — just two weeks away.

In the experience of Rev. Darrell and Sue Yeaney, the gurus of Congressional accompaniment tours, members of Congress are especially willing to send staff when they know they will be accompanied by constituents on the journey.  This could be you! To apply to join your members of Congress on this trip, please click this link and fill-out the application form

The goals of this trip will be to:

1). Develop a first-hand understanding of Palestinian planning rights in so-called Area C of the West Bank, visit Palestinian Susiya, Khan al Ahmar, and the other eight Palestinian villages targeted for demolition, and express concern to stop the demolitions and assure Palestinian planning rights. Explore how to safeguard the 12,500 Palestinian homes, schools, barns, and water systems currently under demolition orders;

2) Visit Palestinian children in Israeli prisons and meet with their attorneys;

3). Meet with and encourage Israelis and Palestinians who are working to secure human rights and bring about justice and peace.

For more information, you can view and download the overview here.