The future of this village depends upon kindergarten


The Palestinian village of al-Aqaba, a model village, is challenged by daily Israeli military training too nearby and the threat of house demolitions. So stressful for children, this is where their vibrant kindergarten plays a vital role. This kindergarten, the beating heart of the village, turned out to also be its guardian in Israel's High Court. Provide scholarships for Al Aqaba's kindergarteners & breakfast too. Give them a great start and assure that this peaceful village remains standing.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

For 16 years, the kindergarten that Rebuilding Alliance built has brought children from Al Aqaba and nearby towns to learn in a wonderful school with experienced teachers who give their all. Because of it, in 2008 Israel's High Court ruled 'for the time being, the center of the village will remain standing'. However new military orders, now contested, would demolish new homes through all of the West Bank, even here. Assuring the continued viability of our kindergarten is more important than ever.

How will this project solve this problem?

Your support for scholarships and a nutritional breakfast program gives a healthy start to children who are most in need, building social and learning skills for their educational future. Your support also gives the village stability as it sails through a storm of new Israeli military orders designed to destroy all they've worked for. The children are not alone: a stream of visitors to the Al Haq (Truth) Kindergarten provides continuing legal and international advocacy -a model that works.

Potential Long Term Impact

Kindergarten scholarships are just the start. Our independent kindergarten is exploring partnerships with the neighboring teacher colleges at American University and Al Najah University. Once certified, Al Aqaba's guesthouse can welcome 5-7 student-teachers each semester! Teachers emissaries from around the world will learn from the best, expand the horizons of the children and families of Al Aqaba and the whole area, and keep the village safe from demolition by living and working there.