Brighten the Future of Gaza's Children

The sole power plant in Gaza has shut down. Electricity is out 20 hours/day, making the simplest of tasks difficult. Help send solar-powered Luci lanterns through the blockade to children in Gaza so they can study and play safely when the power is out. We partner with Palestinian NGOs to distribute lights directly to families in need.  A 2-for-1 matching grant now sends twice as many lights.  Help empower Gaza's next generation, help open the blockade, and bring hope to all. It's Time for Light.


10 years of blockade on Gaza has resulted in widespread darkness with power only available for four hours a day in rolling blackouts. 750,000 children are affected by electricity shortages and are forced to use kerosene lamps and candles with horrific accidents. Life is put on hold when the sun goes down - studying is difficult and playing is unsafe.  Imagine being a student and not having light to finish your homework, or a little child without a nightlight.  Solar lanterns change this.

Short-term solution:

With your help, we are delivering thousands of solar-powered lights to children in Gaza so they can read and study.  Rebuilding Alliance has been working with Non Governmental Organizations in Gaza since 2003.  Pre-clearance is secured before shipments through both Palestinian and Israeli Customs offices.  We will soon send our 4th pallet with a double shipment of 5860 solar lights for arrival in time for exams.  With your donation our 5th shipment can arrive during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Long-term impact:

The reassurance of a little light lets Palestinian children know that the world cares about their future.  In Gaza, there's a special tradition during Ramadan to give children a 'fanous' lantern to help them realize their own light within.  Let's extend that tradition to people the world over, encouraging all to shine a solar light in their own home to come to know the children and families of Gaza, and to connect with each other through this program to build sustainable peace for all: #bealight