We made it!

Our first 40 foot shipping container filled with 727 boxes of gently used shoes, clothing, and bedding, has arrived in Gaza. But the need is still there - we are preparing to launch our Backpacks for Gaza project, which will provide brand new backpacks filled with school supplies to thousands of children in Gaza. We thank you for your support and hope that you will continue to support Rebuilding Alliance's efforts to open the blockade with compassion. 

Still want to give?

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Clothe Gaza's Children

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This summer, Operation Protective Edge caused the most serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967. Nearly half a million Palestinians were displaced at the height of the conflict and more than 11,200 were injured. The number of poor, homeless and disabled persons, as well as orphans and single-parent households has increased dramatically. 373,000 children are now in need of psychosocial support. They have lost so much in their young lives: family, friends, homes, schools, and access to basics such as food and clean water.  

We asked, you gave. 

When we asked for Clothes for Gaza, thousands responded generously. With aid of the United Nations, our first container is on its way to Palestinian families who lost everything. 

What is next?

Now we ask your help to send six more containers with clothing and backpacks for Gaza's neediest children, who make up nearly 60% of the entire Gazan population. Our project provides a tangible way to show that Americans care. We are inviting student groups from college campuses, community groups, and places of worship to organize 'Backpacks for Gaza' campaigns. Donors like you will be able to buy the necessary school supplies for one child online at a participating office supply registry. Volunteers will then meet to sort and pack 600 boxes with backpacks and letters of support, which they will then 'live-load' onto 40ft shipping containers and send overseas. Your donation means warmth and hope for the children of Gaza. 

Opening the blockade with compassion

Let's work together to open the blockade of Gaza through compassion. Let's give the children of Palestine, and children throughout the world, hope and a better future. Each shipping container will provide much needed clothing and backpacks to 4800 children in Gaza, inspiring youth both here and there to make a difference. As we've seen in the San Francisco Bay Area, each container brings together people of all faiths, increasing awareness and reminding us all of our common humanity.


How do I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved. With the success of our Youthspark Grant Competition, we are eager to bring on new members to our growing community of citizens working to open the blockade with compassion and build a better future for Gaza's children. We currently need:

Visit our Backpack Kits for Gaza project to buy a backpack today.