To all families in Gaza:

Please join in a message of light, each Wednesday:
دعوة عامة لجميع الأفراد والعائلات في غزة
معا لنرسل رسالتنا للعالم والشعب الأمريكي
التقط صورة لك او لعائلتك مع ضوء الجوال وانشرها على الفيسبوك باستخدام هاشتاج #غزة_رسالة_ضوء
وذلك كل يوم أربعاء في تمام الساعة 7 مساء

To all who care about Gaza’s children:

Join us on Facebook by
(1) Taking a picture of you or your family with your phone’s flashlight every Wednesday at 7 pm and share it on social media using the hashtags #GazaLightMessage and غزة_رسالة_ضوء# You could also hold up a sign with your message.

(2) Replying to the messages posted from Palestinians living Gaza here غزة_رسالة_ضوء# and here #GazaLightMessage by sending them a photo of your shining a light.

(3) Americans, most importantly, please urge your members of Congress to attend a Congressional briefing in February when a 14 year old from Gaza and her mom will join a team of youth from the West Bank to go to Washington DC to present their vision of peace and justice to Congress. A senior US Senator is sponsoring their #ICareAboutPeace briefing. Please press your Senators to restore aid to Palestinians for food, education, and healthcare, to keep Palestinian villages standing by recognizing planning rights in the West Bank, and to open the blockade so that everyone in Gaza can go back to work.