youth entrepreneurship in area c

When the Israeli High Court ruled in favor to keep Al Aqaba Village standing, the Rebuilding Alliance helped the village build a kindergarten. The Japanese, Belgian Embassies helped build a 2nd Floor, with enough space for a library.  They needed furniture and books, and a wonderful donor came forward to turn this space into a local hub for education and entrepreneurship in Area C! We are currently working to support the library expansion as well as funding for entrepreneurial programs for local youth. 

The Ibn Rush’d Library

Al Aqaba kindergarten attracts students from miles around, and residents want their library to do the same. This remarkable library has become a wonderful place in a safe, rural area.  The library was named for the 12th century Islamic philosopher, Ibn Rush'd, who believed in rationalism over fundamentalism, and serves the youth of Al Aqaba Village, the neighboring countryside and towns. With 5000 books, the talented librarian provides reading programs for children and a hub for career services to teens who have recently graduated from high school. Rebuilding Alliance raised funding to hire the librarian, but on-going funding is required to cover their monthly salary as well as provide scholarships to students and stipends to young teachers.

entrepreneuriship in Area C

The Village of Al Aqaba, a Palestinian village in the West Bank's Jordan Valley, is becoming a hub for learning - but unemployment is very high here in Area C and nearly all homes are under demolition order. Children and young people who are experiencing the very real trauma of home demolitions in their neighborhood need a welcoming and encouraging place.  The Ibn Rush'd Library, determined to help children become their best, has launched an Entrepreneurship program with enthusiastic participation by new high school graduates and college students. The books in English & Arabic at the Ibn Rush'd Library and computers provide educational opportunities to grow. If their business ideas make sense, they have the opportunity to receive funding for their new jobs! Our donors help them grow ideas into business successes through mentoring, field trips, and market research.