US Movement to Save Palestinian Villages


Just by asking Congress to call the Israeli Embassy on their behalf, constituents are stopping Israel's demolition of Palestinian villages one village at a time. But meanwhile, the Government of Israel ramped up weekly demolitions of Palestinian homes and threatens to forcibly relocate whole communities. Demolishing homes is no way to build peace. Help Rebuilding Alliance launch a U.S. speaking tour and bring eight distinguished Palestinians and Israelis to address the House & Senate this May.


The Government of Israel demolished more Palestinian homes in 2016 than in any year since the UN started keeping these records in 2009. Most were demolished for lack of an unattainable building permit. That's a real problem but this is not a natural disaster. This manmade nightmare requires policy change to restore sanity and neighborliness. Rebuilding Alliance seeks your help to prevent demolitions by building our numbers, making it easier to call Congress, and holding face to face briefings


Holding a Senate briefing in June will help leverage the 160 conference calls and meetings we've held with Congressional staff and with the State Dept. so far, to focus attention on ending Israel's policy of demolishing Palestinian homes. Our mobile app, Evincible, will make it easy for constituents to engage Congress on this issue. Speaking tours and mapathons will help engage advocates in each Congressional district -and all this will make bulldozers stop and keep Palestinian villages stand

Long-Term Impact

The long-term impact of keeping a community standing and thriving is measured in the health of its children, the ease of the parents, and the growing economy. The ability to recognize the human rights of a village is what gives it a future. Speaking tours, Congressional briefings, #HeresMyVillage mapathons, social work that starts with Pinwheels for Peace, and our new 'Evincible' mobile app all provide effective ways to build U.S. constituent engagement to keep Palestinian communities standing.