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US Movement to Save Palestinian Villages

September 19th: #ICareAboutPeace Senate Briefing
SVC 212-10 at 10:30am

We ask that you send an email
to your Senators and Representative,
inviting them to attend
this important briefing. 

For the past two years, Rebuilding Alliance has brought Palestinian children and their parents to Congress on International Peace Day to share their vision of peace. For some reason, it is children whose stories are the most compelling - when children speak about how they envision a better tomorrow, Congress listens... and acts!

This year, Rebuilding Alliance will again bring Palestinian children to address Congress at a Senate briefing. We ask for your help to make this event a success - please donate and invite your members of Congress to attend!

Three children will be joining the delegation - one from the village of Susiya, one from the village of Al Aqaba, and one from Gaza City. Susiya village is facing the very real risk of demolition and forced relocation as the Israeli Army denied approval of their master plan. Al Aqaba is the first Palestinian village to issue its own building permits and no demolition orders have been issued so far, but this may change. Gaza is experiencing 22 hours of blackouts daily. All Palestinians experience hardships that originate from the Occupation – raising awareness and getting Congress to act can help. 

This year, the delegation will speak about the right of Palestinians to plan and build their communities, and live safely and without fear on the land they own. Our special guests from Gaza will ask for Congressional engagement to mitigate the ongoing electricity crisis and lift the blockade. Congressional intervention is very effective in keeping Palestinian villages standing - Senator Feinstein even quoted the children in the letters (now published on her website) she traded with PM Netanyahu, urging that Susiya not be demolished. 

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