What does peace mean to me? 

Face to face with children of Palestinian villages slated for demolition

On International Peace Day, Monday, Sept. 21, Rebuilding Alliance was honored to bring a delegation of Palestinian children from Susiya and from Umm Al Kheir Village, their distinguished parents and an Israeli member of Villages Group, to share their visions of peace with Congress.   

The children of Susiya and Um Al Kheir made Pinwheels for Peace, writing down what peace means and drawing what it looks like. 

Their parents, Fatma Nawaje and Eid and Naima Hthaleen explained why Susiya and Um Al Kheir must be allowed to live and build on the land that they legally own. Israeli David Massey explained why Villages Group, like many other Israeli and international organizations, are deeply committed to the safety and security of their friends in Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills.

Together, we asked Congress to support the right of Palestinian villages to plan, live, and imagine a peaceful future for themselves and their families on the land they own, free from demolition and displacement.

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Starting with visits to Congress in June, Rebuilding Alliance met or conferenced with some 50 congressional offices throughout the summer and fall of 2015 to brief staff on the situation in Susiya and enable constituents to request intervention. We asked for two simple actions: to call the State Department and the Israeli Embassy to tell them you care about peace and you care about Susiya.

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