Google and Apple recently told Members of Congress that they are now working to add Palestinian villages and towns to their maps but there’s no word as to when this will actually happen.   

Please use #HeresMyVillage to message @Googlemaps and @apple

Our goal: to assure every Palestinian village their voice — and their future — so we're connecting every village in the West Bank's Area C ( 236 villages) with Village Advocates.  We invite you and we invite Palestinian villagers, young and old, men and women, to become Village Advocates.

Please select up to five villages —

Choose from this List of Palestinian Villages in the West Bank Area C

or sign-up to join the Rebuilding Alliance Forum to receive a list of five villages from us.

Here’s what being a Village Advocate will entail:

1.     Post a message every day to your favorite form of social media including the name of one of your villages. Do you use Instagram? Go for it! Facebook – that works! Is Twitter your passion – yes! Use the social media you’re most comfortable with.

2.     In your messages, put a hashtag (#) in front of the Village's name so a conversation can develop, and be sure to tag @GoogleMaps,  @Apple and @Waze (a Goolge subsidiary) by using the @ sign.   Include #HeresMyVillage and #MapPalestine in your message too. Start by posting this message for each of your villages, and attach photos too:

I care about #VillageName @Google @Apple @Waze #HeresMyVillage #MapPalestine

3.     Use the Rebuilding Alliance Forum to share what you are learning and to learn more from mentors and other Village Advocates including the villagers themselves.

For our part, here’s how we’ll support you in this #HeresMyVillage Movement:

  • When you sign-up, we’ll email you the names of five Palestinian villages to post and tweet about.  Yes, we'll try to assign your favorites and also some that are new to you;
  • When you post questions in the Rebuilding Alliance Forum, the forum will find the answers.  A team of mentors is forming to be sure that every question asked gets an answer, and also to make sure this private discussion group stays safe, polite, and a good use of everyone’s time;
  • Follow the hashtags for each village to see what's happening there as they join the #HeresMyVillage Movement;
  • Team of experts will join us in video conferences to help everyone learn more about social media advocacy and learn more about about the challenges their villages are facing;
  • We’ll update you with the latest news about the #HeresMyVillage Movement;
  • And we’ll talk strategy about how to respond to trolls on the open waters of social media.

Join the Rebuilding Alliance Forum, and we’ll send you a list of five villages to bring forward in your social media messages. If you would like to be the Advocate from your own village, or one that you care about, please do!

Mapping matters

Even though Israeli settlements are illegal under international law and violate U.S. agreements, Google and Apple have included Israeli settlements and outposts on Google Maps and Apple Maps.   In this age of technology, when our worldview is largely shaped by how things are portrayed on the Internet, it is of utmost importance that Palestinian villages in the West Bank are recognized and given legitimacy by mapping technologies.  This year, the Israeli army demolished more Palestinian homes than in any other year in the past decade to make room for settlement expansion — part of the reason this occurs without notice is because the villages are not even shown on the Maps.

Rebuilding Alliance has been working with the Israeli human rights group, BIMKOM: Planners for Planning Rights, to press Apple and Google to put Palestinian villages on their maps. We transferred all the necessary data to both companies in September. Now we ask your help in the #HeresMyVillage campaign to message @GoogleMaps and @Apple to tell them you care.

Here's what the South Hebron Hills look like on Google Maps now, and what they should show when all the Palestinian villages (in pink) are added to the Maps.

Please follow this link to send your letter, and share the page to encourage your friends to sign.

Also, download Rebuilding Alliance's new mobile app, Evincible, to make getting in touch with your members of Congress even easier. 

Race to Recognize Palestinian Villages

On October 13th, nine Palestinian ran from Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA to deliver letters to the mapping departments asking that hundreds of Palestinian villages be added to the maps of the West Bank.